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    Governor Bullock and Educator of the Year Lorri Brenneman

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    Montana Ambassadors support AWIM/STEM in Montana.

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    Networking and Leadership for building business bridges to Montana.

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    Montana Ambassador board members give of time, self, and resources to build business bridges across Montana.

LEADERS in business, education, and the professions with a common dedication to living and doing business in Montana and furthering the best interests of the state.
Dear Montana Ambassadors: During our annual meeting the Montana Ambassadors received a direct request from businesses in our state. They asked for our help in building, developing and expanding their operations by tapping into the skills and support of our membership. While every MTA member I have visited with is more than happy to participate and contribute we do not have a clear picture of our collective skills, expertise and interests. That needs to change so we can do more to serve our mission to our great state. To clearly identify where and how the Montana Ambassadors can effectively contribute please complete this 3 minute survey.   Please take the survey before April 20th.  Your participation and willingness to share your interests, skills and expertise will help the Montana Ambassadors make a real difference for those we are dedicated to serve. Sincerely, Tom McGree, MTA President
Engage: The March 19 - 20 conference definitely lived up to its name. What current issues or opportunities in our state can the Montana Ambassadors affect? How can we engage our group for the benefit Montana?  Quite a challenge but, at the same time, an exciting opportunity.  View the conference summary, photos, and presentations.  Prepare to Engage!