Montana Ambassadors support the efforts of entrepreneurs and startup businesses.
Networking and Leadership for building business bridges to Montana.
Working with the Governor, Montana Ambassadors give of time, self, and resources to build business bridges across Montana.
Montana Ambassador Board Members have built a strong network of leaders not only in Montana, but outside of Montana who strive to foster business in Montana.
The Governor and Montana Ambassadors award excellence in education and business.

We are

LEADERS in business, education, and the professions with a common dedication to living and doing business in Montana and furthering the best interests of the state.

2015 MT Ambassador Business Open 


Join us at the Old Works August 19 – 20th!


Congratulations to our new Montana Ambassadors:  Peter Rosten, Joe Willauer, Whitney Williams, Paddy Fleming, Courtenay Sprunger, Chris Murray, and Gypsy Ray.  Welcome to Montana Ambassadors!