Networking and Leadership for building business bridges to Montana.
Montana Ambassador Board Members have built a strong network of leaders not only in Montana, but outside of Montana who strive to foster business in Montana.
Working with the Governor, Montana Ambassadors give of time, self, and resources to build business bridges across Montana.

We are

LEADERS in business, education, and the professions with a common dedication to living and doing business in Montana and furthering the best interests of the state.

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Our Award Winners to Date


Don’t miss a very special evening as we celebrate with the 2017-2018 Montana Ambassador Award Winners!  Not only will excellence in business, innovation, and leadership be recognized, but you will join in launching the new Montana Ambassadors.  Agenda and Registration … Continue reading
Save the date!   Governor Bullock and Montana Ambassadors’ Annual Awards Dinner will take place the evening of August 8th, in Billings, at the DoubleTree.  This will be a special pre-conference event for Innovate Montana.