The Montana Ambassadors is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization of  leaders in business, education, and the professions with a common dedication to living and doing business in Montana and to furthering the best interests of the state.  At the  pleasure of the Governor, its members act as official Ambassadors of the State of Montana.



Represent the office of the Governor and the Department of Commerce in business related contacts in and out of the state.


Assist the Department of Commerce and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development with their business, trade, and tourism development programs.


Sponsor projects that encourage and support economic improvements throughout the state.


Support, whenever practical, efforts by other groups to
contribute to the economic vitality of Montana.


Support whenever practical, efforts by other groups to maintain or increase the quality of all levels of education in the State of Montana.


And, as official Ambassadors of the State of Montana, put the best interests of the state before personal interests and give freely of time, energy and personal finances in support of this mission.