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The Montana Ambassadors is a volunteer, not-for-profit association made up of passionate people dedicated to living and doing business in Montana. Our members act as official Ambassadors of the State of Montana, both in and out of state, and represent the Office of the Governor and the Department of Commerce. Ambassadors are predominantly leaders in business and education, as well as many other professions, and we are always looking to add new members to help us further the best interests of Montana.

Appointed Montana Ambassadors

Paul Babb

NorthWestern Energy

Gloria O'Rourke

MT Ec Development Services

Rick Edwards

NorthWestern Energy

Theresa Doty

Butte-Silverbow Countya

Dale Mahugh

NorthWestern Energy

Cassandra Sunell


Michael Barth

Montana Tech Foundation

Michael O'Rourke


Bob Rowe

NorthWestern Energy

John Carmody

NorthWestern Energy

Ray Rogers

National Center for Health Care Informatics

Joseph Willauer


Debbie Huber

University of Montana - Western

Kirk Sandquist

Peoples Bank

Julie Jaksha

Headwaters RC&D

Katie Brooks


Evan Barrett

Economic Development

Mike Thatcher

Community Counseling & Corrections



Montana Ambassadors



Montana Ambassadors

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