Missoula, Montana

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The Montana Ambassadors have ten chapters in Montana, as well as two out of state chapters. The chapters being established outside of Montana will help to strengthen our business and opportunity network across the United States.   MTA Directory 2018

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Vice President: Mike Ferrucci

Next Meeting: TBD



Vice Presidents: Rick Edwards & Dale Mahugh

Next Meeting: TBD



Vice President:  Suzi Berget White

Next Meetings: April 2, July 16, October 15
Location:  Urban Kitchen/Salted Carame.

12:00 pm - 1:00pm



Vice President: Leslie Messer

Next Meeting: TBD

Great Falls

Vice President: Susan Wolff

Next Meeting: TBD



Vice President: Andy Gordon 

Next Meeting: TBD



Vice President: Tagen Vine

Next Meeting: TBD



Vice President: Devin Holmes & Jenni Graff

Next Meeting: TBD

Out-of-State Chapters

Pacific Northwest

Vice President: James Thompson

Next Meeting:  



Vice President: Lynda Colucci

Next Meeting: February 6, San Francisco.  Montana Photonics Reception