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Big Sandy, Montana

Our Work

Mentorship for Montana Businesses

While Montana continues to lead the country in new business startup activity, unfortunately, these startups do not also lead in longevity. With less than 52% of all startups lasting longer than five years, the Montana Ambassadors are tackling this issue head-on. For the dozens of talented, successful business Ambassadors included in our organization, this is the perfect opportunity to substantially and positively impact new and small businesses in the state.  Report Form

Networking Opportunities

The individuals that make up the Montana Ambassadors create networking opportunities that cannot be overstated. Our members strive to connect with business owners, leaders in local and state government, leaders in education and other interested parties through networking events and everyday conversations to ensure that new potential partnerships and opportunities are never out of reach for our communities.


The Montana Ambassadors can use their influence and resources to advance relevant policy that aligns with the Governor’s official policy stances in cooperation with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Ambassadors testify in favor of and in opposition to, proposed legislation during the legislative sessions and work in channels not commonly available to the Governor’s Office, to achieve the desired outcomes.

Outreach and Marketing

As Ambassadors, we work to continually improve the perception of the State on a national stage as inclusive, forward-thinking, and business-friendly through positive outreach and opportunistic marketing. It is the duty of each Ambassador to identify, perform due diligence, and have initial conversations with companies, event organizers, and individuals that would be a good fit for the State, providing outsized value to its economy. Ambassadors also provide support services for partner events, including fundraising, as needed.

We assist in marketing Montana via verbal or written advocacy through publishing articles and opinion pieces in target markets, informing the Governor’s Office of well-aligned opportunities, an providing assistance with event marketing and targeted advertising.